Leigh ADR and Mediation

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Most Common Mediation Options
Divorce · Contract · HOA · Landlord/Tenant

Benefits of Mediation

    • Save Time and Money – less to no legal or lawyers fees
    • Control the Outcome – don’t have a judge, boss, etc. decide your life
    • Faster Results
    • Higher Rate of Success – more likely to be paid than through court
    • Confidential
    • Creative Outcomes- not limited by court, business, community restrictions or legalities

Justice and Fairness
Parties often expect the court system to provide justice in their case. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The court system can only give the legally right outcome, based on what can be proven to the judge. Often what is legally right is not what is morally right. Mediation can provide a place to consider the non-legal aspects of a case and take them into consideration of the outcome.